How to setup Instapay and Stripe

Ensure your Stripe account is set to "Live" mode and that the "Live Keys" are entered into Instapay
Turn on Email notifications in Stripe
How to send your instapay link to a client
Add your Instapay link to your phone's home screen - this allows you to quickly access your payment link when you need to send it to a client.
Schedule your payouts from Stripe to your Bank
Download the Stripe app - this allows you to manage payments from your phone.

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1. How to add your Live Keys from Stripe to Instapay

  • Login to your Stripe Dashboard

  • In your Stripe Dashboard click Developers

  • Next - select API keys

  • Ensure test mode is off > then copy your live keys

  • Login to Instapay

  • Go to "Stripe Keys" and paste them in > click Save

2. How to turn on email notifications in Stripe

  • Login to your Stripe Dashboard

  • In your Stripe Dashboard click Settings

    Select Your Business > Emails
  • Turn on Customer Email settings

    Successful payments and refunds

4. How to add Instapay to your phones homescreen.

  • Open your Instapay link on your phone's browser

  • Click the Options icon in the bottom of the screen

  • Swipe the icons to the right

  • Select "Add to Homescreen"

  • Great your shortcut is ready!

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5. How to schedule your payouts from Stripe to your Bank

Stripe will automatically send money received to your nominated bank account
You can adjust the schedule from Daily, Weekly or Monthly. See instructions below.
  • In Stripe dashboard click "Settings" then "Bank accounts and scheduling"

  • Change the Payout schedule to your requirements

    You can select Daily, Weekly or Monthly

6. Download the Stripe App for Iphone and Android

The app is really useful for notifications, tracking and refunds.