Cheapest credit card terminal in Ireland

If you have been considering credit card online payments and are looking for a cheap and simple solution but without the hassle of a credit card terminal or any of the other trappings then you have found the right place!

Instapay uses a simple link and allows you to take a credit card payment and reference for any amount directly and instantly.

Online Credit Card Payment without the need for a card reader!

The beauty of Instapay is its simplicity - you dont need an app or a card reader - all you need is a smart phone and a 3G connection!

How does instapay work?

  1. When you are ready to get paid open your instapay link on your smartphone - top tip! add the link to your homescreen.
  2. Send the client your Instapay link requesting payment via WhatsApp, SMS or Email
  3. They enter the amount and their email and their credit card / debit card details
  4. You get instant notification of successful payment!