Charge for online Zoom and Skype meetings

Online conferencing, training and meetings have understandably become more commonplace with thousands of businesses having to change the way they communicate with their client base. Previously charging for such meetings was simple via traditional methods however now the situation has changed.

Take payment for online meetings

If you or your business is in the situation where you are possibly teaching or consulting people and clients online via some of the video platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Google Meet and you need to get paid for such meetings then Instapay is the perfect solution.

How would you use Instapay in this situation?

  1. Setup your Zoom meeting and invite the client via a link
  2. Have the meeting with the client
  3. Send the client your Instapay link requesting payment via WhatsApp, SMS or Email

You could also send them the payment link first and request payment before the meeting has started.

From GP Doctors to online guitar instructors join lots of businesses like yours and use Instapay to keep your cashflow going for online meetings and consultations.

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